Spoilers: Colby and Taylor’s affair is exposed in Home and Away

Colby (Tim Franklin) and Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) have been continuing their affair despite everyone around them saying it’s beyond stupid to try and keep secrets from homicide detective Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz). Indeed, now Angelo has made it clear to Bella (Courtney Miller) that he knows all about the motel trips Colby and his wife have been making.

When the pair return from a night together, Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Bella corner him and tell him that Angelo knows all about his secret with Taylor. However, Colby continues to claim nothing is wrong – insisting that if Angelo knew, he would have been confronted by now. 

To make sure he knows everything Angelo has on file, Colby gets Taylor to steal a key from Angelo’s desk so he can snoop inside his drawer. However, Angelo walks in and catches him in the act – resulting in a tense stand-off before it becomes clear the affair is no longer a secret…

Taylor is stuck with nowhere to stay after a heartbreaking conversation with Angelo, and Colby offers his place. However, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is furious when he returns home to see the pair together yet again. Taylor retreats to the motel, and they meet the next day to discuss their future. 

During their talk, Colby wonders how it’s possible Angelo even knew about their conversations. He then zeroes in on the necklace around Taylor’s neck and puts two and two together. Just as Taylor begs for an answer with the truth about whether Colby killed Ross, a listening Angelo is furious when his secret audio is suddenly shut off…

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