‘Regulating the temperature’ of houseplants is ‘extremely important’ in the winter months

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Houseplants are extremely popular because the majority of them are low maintenance. However, in the midst of winter, indoor plants can suffer massively if they are not taken care of properly. Common houseplants can include Snakes Plant, Devil’s Ivy and the Swiss Cheese Plant.

Dani Turner, gardening expert and customer director at Bunches has shared top tips to consider whilst looking after houseplants during the colder months.

Dani Said: “As we are now in the winter months, it is important to recognise how this can affect our house plants. 

“The most important factors to consider are the changes in light, heat and moisture.”

The plant expert advised owners to water green plants less.

Dani explained: “For green plants, we recommend watering them less – reducing to watering them fortnightly as opposed to weekly. 

“Too much water can cause rotting and stunt the growth of your plants.

“For flowering plants, these can continue to be watered as soon as the top couple of inches of soil feels dry.

“Alternatively, misting your plants throughout the day can be a safer alternative to prevent over watering.”

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During the winter months, regulating the plant’s temperature becomes extremely important.

It’s recommended that houseplants are kept away from cold droughts, open windows and doors.

Dani said: “Regulating the temperature of your plants is also extremely important in the winter months.

“Cold droughts or fluctuations in the temperature of your home with central heating can cause instability in your plants environment. 

“By moving your plants from windowsills at night and keeping them away from heat sources such as radiators, this can give your plant a helping hand in surviving the winter months.”

The expert also warned owners on the importance of repositioning houseplants.

Dani continued: “It is important to reposition your plant to make the most of the sunlight hours. 

“A sunny porch or conservatory are best.

“But placing near a south or west facing window can also help to maximise the amount of sunlight your plants receive. 

“Be sure to clean your windows both inside and out, as well as regularly dusting the leaves too.

“This can help to boost the amount of light your plants soak up.”

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