Potted Christmas trees are one of this year’s biggest festive trends – here’s where to get yours

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Gearing up to decorate for Christmas 2022? Here’s why you should consider investing in a potted tree this year.

If you celebrate Christmas, you’re probably getting closer to that time of year when you think about putting the decorations up – including the all-important tree.

But if you want to make this year’s celebrations a little more sustainable – and have something left to remember the festivities once they’re over – then investing in a potted tree over your traditional cut option could be a great place to start.

Not only do potted trees tend to stay healthier throughout the Christmas period because their roots are still intact, but if you have a garden or outside space you can plant them outside throughout the year and watch them grow taller. You can either pop them into a bigger pot or stick them into a garden border – whatever works best for you. 

“Deciding to buy a potted tree this Christmas could be one of the most rewarding decisions you make – and a lovely step to creating a new family tradition,” says Jo Lambell, founder of the online plant shop Beards & Daisies.

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“Not only are potted trees a fantastic, sustainable option but they’re also a great investment,” she continues. 

“While a potted tree might initially seem slightly more expensive than a cut tree, you’ll be able to bring out your tree again and again – potentially for a good few years if it’s well looked after.

“You’ll also get to enjoy the tradition of bringing your handsome tree inside from the cold and admiring how much it’s grown since last Christmas.” 

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With more and more people opting for potted trees as a way to reduce the amount of waste they produce over the Christmas period, now’s the perfect time to invest in your very own tree and get growing.

They may require a little more care than your average cut tree – they’re meant to live past 25 December, after all – but they’re definitely worth it. 

Keep reading to check out our pick of the best potted trees available to buy for Christmas 2022. 

Best potted Christmas trees to buy in 2022

  • Beards & Daisies 4ft potted Nordmann fir with decorations

    Best potted Christmas trees: Beards & Daisies.

    This four-foot potted Nordmann fir from Beards & Daisies comes with all the baubles and lights you need to decorate it, so it’s perfect for people looking to enjoy a stress-free December.

    You’ll also get a star topper to finish off the perfectly festive look. What more could you want?

    Shop 4ft potted Nordmann fir with decorations at Beards & Daisies, £95


  • Bloom & Wild starry night letterbox tree

    Best potted Christmas trees: Bloom & Wild.

    Who said Christmas trees (and their decorations) can’t come through the letterbox? Not Bloom & Wild, that’s for sure.

    This blue and gold themed tree comes with a selection of star ornaments, velvet baubles and a pop-up pot to create a suitably festive aesthetic. 

    Shop starry night letterbox tree at Bloom & Wild, £33


  • M&S novelty letterbox tree with lights

    Best potted Christmas trees: M&S.

    It’s hard not to fall in love with this impossibly cute novelty Christmas tree from M&S at first glance.

    From the adorable reindeer pot to the sparkling red baubles and warm fairy lights, this miniature tree has everything you could ask for. 

    Shop novelty letterbox tree with lights at M&S, £28


  • The Little Botanical baby blue Christmas tree in basket

    Best potted Christmas trees: The Little Botanical.

    If you’re looking for something a bit bigger then this beautiful blue-tinged spruce from The Little Botanical could be just what you’re looking for.

    Style with a few twinkly lights and sparkling ornaments during the Christmas period, then pop it outside come January and watch it grow all year long. 

    Shop Baby Blue Christmas Tree in Basket at The Little Botanical, £79


  • Patch Plants Norfolk Island pine

    Best potted Christmas trees: Patch Plants.

    The Norfolk pine may look kind of like a Christmas tree, but it’s not actually a pine at all – it’s a tropical plant native to Norfolk Island, a small territory off of the coast of New Zealand.

    This Norfolk pine from Patch Plants sits between 70-80cm tall, and can live inside as a houseplant all year long. 

    Shop Norfolk Island pine at Patch Plants, £30


  • Beards & Daisies sugar plum Scandi tree

    Best potted Christmas trees: Beards & Daisies.

    This on-trend tree from Beards & Daisies may be pint-sized, but its chic honeycomb paper baubles and star decorations give off some serious Christmassy vibes.

    Once the season is over you can pop it out of its pot and plant it in a garden border or balcony planter to help it grow bigger for next year. 

    Shop sugar plum Scandi tree at Beards & Daisies, £32


  • The Little Botanical mini Christmas tree with lights

    Best potted Christmas trees: The Little Botanical.

    The smallest tree on the list, this adorable mini Christmas tree with lights from The Little Botanical is perfect for people who like their decorations understated.

    You could also pop a few of these in different spots around the house to add some extra festive cheer. 

    Shop mini Christmas tree with lights at The Little Botanical, £18.50


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