Homebase gardening expert shares which tasks to complete in October

Homebase shares top 10 garden tasks for October

The weather may have taken a dramatic and windy turn but there’s still plenty to do in the garden this month.

October is the start of autumn but it’s also a great month to get ahead in the garden ready for the year ahead.

This month marks the beginning of bare-root planting season and is the perfect month to plant spring bulbs.

With this in mind, David Mitchell, buying manager for garden and seasonal at Homebase has shared exclusively with Express.co.uk three tasks gardeners need to do this month.

Three gardening tasks to complete in October:

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Give plants a raise

Waterlogging is very common in the winter months but is easy to fix, even if you’re not green-fingered.

David explained: “The rain and snow can cause the soil to become saturated and it literally drowns the roots.

“Symptoms may include yellow leaves, root rot and stunted plant growth, so make sure your plant pots have good drainage and even go as far as raising them on a platform. You could even consider adding some raised beds to your space.”

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Get ready for spring

While it may not even be winter yet, October is the perfect month to start preparing for spring next year.

David said: “There is a lot to be done to prepare your garden for a colourful and bountiful spring. Get your bulbs in the ground between October and November. Try alliums or hyacinths for a beautiful pop of colour.

“It’s also time to plant your next round of veg too, spring cabbages, garlic bulbs and salad leaves are delicious and hardy enough to withstand the cold.”

Time to clean

October is a great time to re-group, clean your greenhouse and set up compost bins ready for the year ahead.

The gardening expert said: “Time to give the greenhouse a good scrub to prevent those pests and diseases festering over the winter, you may want to store some of your weaker plants in there over the colder months to give them the best chance to thrive.

“Make sure to sweep up those fallen leaves weekly, they can carry fungus that will kill your plants and lawn. It’s also the perfect time to set up compost bins to collect those leaves and foliage.”

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