Gardening expert shares ‘low-cost household item’ to effectively clean patios

As the sun starts to make frequent appearances, the UK public is looking to spruce up their garden and outdoor social areas. 

Algae, mould, and organic stains all affect patios over time, especially for those who live in a rainy climate with cooler winters.

An annual clean come spring is a must for those who want to keep these problems at bay and enjoy the natural colour of their slabs, whether they’re made from stone, cement, or concrete.

Holly Jones, gardening expert at Garden Street has put together her top tips for cleaning patios without using a pressure washer. 

She claimed that although using a pressure washer is “often the quickest solution” to cleaning the patio, it isn’t necessarily the best option as it can, over time, “wear away the patio leaving it looking worn, and cracks/chips may begin to appear”.

Holly said: “Cleaning your patio can be relatively straightforward and low-cost by using household items you likely already have.

“All you will need for cleaning your patio is a bucket of warm soapy water and a hard-bristled brush.”

To make the soapy water mix warm water and washing-up liquid or hand soap in a bucket. Pour the cleaning mixture over the patio. 

Households can be generous with the soapy water if they are using a gentle soap as it will not damage the patio. 

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However, before cleaning begins, make sure the patio is clear of any debris (such as fallen leaves or twigs) and any weeds are removed.  

Once the patio is clear of any weeds and debris, the expert suggests simply scrubbing it back and forth with the hard-bristle brush and warm soapy water. 

After the whole patio has been scrubbed, households can then empty the dirty water away and clear the patio with a new bucket of clean water. 

Once the patio has been scrubbed and rinsed with clean water, check for any spots that may have been missed, especially in the joints. 

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It is recommended to leave the patio for 24 hours and check again the next day. Repeat the previous steps if a second clean is required. 

Not only will the 24 hours allow the patio to dry but households will also be able to see if they have missed any areas and light staining that may need another wash with the soapy water.

Remember, when cleaning the patio make sure you move everything off it first. Cleaning around things like flower pots or benches is pointless as this will leave marks and discolouration. 

When you are happy that the patio is clean, leave it to dry and then put all the furniture back.

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