‘Easy’ ways to keep pests away from your plants using household items – ‘good traps’

Monstera: Houseplant expert details how to remove pests

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Pests can cause a host of problems in the warmer months. They can live and feed off plants, causing them to become distressed, and in extreme cases, die. While it may be tempting to grab a chemical pesticide, these can cause harm to plants.

Instead, gardeners can use natural methods to get rid of pests without causing damage to the plant or surrounding environment.

The team at www.Hillarys.co.uk have shared some “easy tips” to rid plants of pesky insects and flying pests, without using any chemicals.

Some of the ingredients gardeners may already in their kitchen cupboards.

Soapy water

Gardeners can mix five tablespoons of washing up liquid with four cups of water in a spray bottle and spray plants with the solution.

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This hack works especially well for plants infested with aphids and spider mites.

The solution dehydrates the pests and will deter them from settling on the plant in the future.


Beer can be useful for ousting pests like slugs and snails from the garden.

Slugs and snails can cause widespread devastation to crops and plants, munching their way through foliage until there’s nothing left.

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Leave saucers of beer near plants that slug favour to prevent them from munching on plant leaves and roots.

Grape juice, grapefruit or orange rinds can also make “good traps”.


The strong scent of garlic can deter certain bugs from going near plants.

Putting a garlic clove into the soil of houseplants can keep bugs away.

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Pepper spray

Using two tablespoons of red pepper, six drops of washing up liquid and a gallon of water in a spray bottle can repel pests like spider mites.

Spray small amounts of the solution all over plants to keep pests at bay.

Black pepper, chilli pepper, dill, ginger or paprika can also work because they contain capsaicin which repels certain pests.

Neem oil spray

Neem oil is an age-old trick that’s made of neem trees which are native to India.

The oil deters aphids, mites, scale and other small, soft-bodied insects from living on plants.

Another solution that can be used for ousting pests is citrus.

Some experts claim spiders and ants aren’t keen on the scent of citrus.

Putting citrus peelings around certain plants could stop ants and spiders getting too comfortable on the plants.

Salt can also be used for fleas and basil for keeping flies away.

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