Easy plants and crops to sow before the end of the month

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With June coming to an end, many Britons will be rushing to complete certain gardening jobs. Certain plants and crops, for example, need to be planted now before temperatures peak in the summer months.

There are plenty of heat-tolerant flowers and vegetables that can be planted this month.

With this in mind, Jamie Shipley, a gardening expert and the managing director of Hedges Direct has shared what to sow and plant now exclusively with Express.co.uk before June comes to an end.

Plant flower bulbs


Crocosmia are flowering perennials that come in shades of red through to yellow.


Dahlias are a brilliant cut flower, easy to grow from seed and from corms. Dahlias start flowering in midsummer and continue until autumn.

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Gladiolus produce tall stems of “striking flowers” in many different colours.


Hostas will be “in the green” in June but make a fabulous addition to the garden. Hostas will produce flowers in July and August.

Sow perennials


Achillea, also known as Yarrow, comes in many different colours and produces a profusion of small, brightly-coloured flowers in an umbrella shape.

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Aquilegia is an “easy-to-grow” perennial that produces pretty flowers and foliage.


Echinacea, also known as coneflowers, are brilliant for insects, edible and attractive.


Directly sow in a seed bed from June to July for flowering in autumn.


Fiona Jenkins from Myjobquote.co.uk, the UK’s leading trades matching site also shared exclusively with Express.co.uk what to plant in June.

She said: “Spring onions are great for planting in June if you’re a fan of growing your own vegetables.

“These can be sown anytime from March to August. Sowing every few weeks will help to ensure you have a continuous crop.

“Spring onions need plenty of watering to keep them alive so keep this in mind before planting.”

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