Bring in the marigold

Ten ways your home can make friends with yellow, Teja Lele Desai writes

Yellow isn’t easily found in nature, but is the most widespread colour when it comes to flowers. The reason is because yellow can be easily seen by insects that are attracted to the flowers due to their colour and carry pollen to them. To human beings, of course, the sheer glory and cheer of this colour is attractive.

No surprise then that marigold, or golden yellow, is the predominant colour seen during celebrations in India, be it festivals, weddings, or other auspicious occasions.

The cheerful hue —the colour of the sun — is uplifting, illuminating, and optimistic, and is synonymous with hope, happiness, cheerfulness, and good times. It is said that a person surrounded by the colour feels optimistic as the brain actually releases more of the feel-good serotonin.

The shade also inspires original thought, inquisitiveness, creativity. It resonates with the left, or logical, side of the brain, stimulating the mental faculties and agility, However, it can be overpowering if you go overboard. But done right, it spreads cheer and festiveness – much needed in these stay-at-home times. Here’s how your home can make friends with yellow.

Getty Images/iStockphoto | Photo Credit: Neha Patil

1. Set up the entrance to your home with a positive vibe. A toran of marigold flowers and asopalav leaves is sure to bring in good luck through the year.

2. A floral carpet — pookalam style — will never go out of style on the patio. It’s the perfect welcoming touch.

3. Slip marigold flowers into a brass or glass urli and add some floating candles. Simple and pleasing floral arrangement that’s classic and eye-catching.

4. String marigold garlands across the home: on mirrors, curtain rods, electronic appliances, and even chair backs. They look good everywhere and every time.

5. Your prayer thali can’t do without a few marigold flowers. Set some around the prayer room — with a few roses peeping through — to create a lovely vibe.

6. Use marigold liberally to create a tablescape for a festive lunch of dinner. Show them off against neutral-hued or bright accessories.

7. Yellow tableware can be extremely attractive, especially for an informal gathering. It could be melamine, ceramic, or paper plates — whatever suits your party.

8. A bright yellow rug can add verve and vibrancy to any room in your home. If you want a smaller touch, bring in a yellow bathroom rug.

9. Toss some marigold throw pillows on the couch to spread cheer and the feeling of festivity. Be liberal and juxtapose them against bright pink or vibrant red.

10. Last but not the least, we suggest painting a wall marigold yellow. It’s the perfect accent for the festive season and beyond.

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