Colekt Is the Sustainable Swedish Vegan Skincare Brand You Need to Put on Your Radar

Selfcare is having its renaissance moment, and at the forefront of this change are brands such as Colekt, a Swedish label that prides itself on its vegan and genderless approach to skincare and more.

Colekt is broken down into three areas, those being fragrance, skincare, and bodycare. In its fragrance line are three “Cologne Concentreé” scents, each made using both vegan and natural ingredients to create three distinct scents. For example, “Persona” is warm yet floral, with notes of lime blossom, mock-orange and lilac high, while “Void” combines rhubarb and mint, citruses and warm basil, and minerals and dry wood for a heady mix of warm but soft notes. For something less eathy, Colekt offers “La Chambre,” its creamy, milky scent with notes of pink pepper and lavandin (essentially the most fragrant Lavender cultivar) contrasted by osmanthus, cardamom and oakmoss.

However, it becomes even more nature-based with its range of skin and bodycare goods. Covering everything from your head to your toes, Colekt offers decadent products such as the “REJECT” Oak Root Face Oil that protects your skin against the effects of pollution and blue light — perfect for those who live in cities — and the “RELIVE” Elder Tree Face Mist, which again protects against pollution but is also perfect a refresh during these colder months.

The list of products goes on and so does its sustainable efforts. Every Colekt item is served up in sustainable recycled packaging — so to find out more about its products, head over to the Colekt website now.

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