‘Best time’ of day to cut your grass in autumn – ‘essential’ tips

How and when to use lawn feeds and treatments

The experts at Gtech have shared tips including the best time to cut the lawn and how often to cut it.

They explained: “The best time to cut your grass is in the mid to late morning. 

“The idea is to avoid cutting it too early when the morning dew makes the grass wet, but not too late in the evening either, as the grass needs time to recover before the night-time chill sets in.”

If it is raining or frozen, avoid doing anything to the lawn such as cutting, feeding or spraying weedkiller.

Doing this on frozen lawns can damage its growth for future seasons and mowing wet lawns may damage lawnmowers.

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When it comes to mowing the lawn throughout autumn and winter, the good news is it isn’t needed as often as in summer.

The pros added: “Grass grows slower in autumn than in spring and summer, so you don’t need to cut your grass as often.

“It’s recommended to cut fortnightly (rather than every week) to keep your lawn in the best condition – just make sure you raise your lawnmower blades to four centimetres to get a nice, neat finish. 

“If you spot any weeds in your grass, then you should swiftly remove them, so they don’t steal any water or nutrients from your lawn. 

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“The safest way to get rid of weeds is to dig them out yourself, but if you’re in a pinch you can also use weed killer. 

“Be sure to only apply the weed killer directly to the weed itself or buy a spray with minimal grass toxins to avoid killing the grass too.”

Another way to keep the grass lush and green in autumn includes relieving it to help prevent dry patches.

It also works by revitalising any tired-looking areas of the lawn which is inevitable throughout winter.

To do this, put small holes into the soil, helping water and nutrients get to the roots quicker.

Lucy Rhead, gardening enthusiast at Gtech said: “After a summer of inflatable pools, barbecues, and picnics on the grass, your garden might need some TLC to prepare for the upcoming chilly weather. 

“Tending to your garden can feel daunting, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space to work with. However, with just a few simple steps, you can keep your garden looking fresh as a daisy this autumn.

“For example, start mowing your lawn every fortnight when the weather gets colder, rather than every week. You can also pop a bit of weed killer on any sprouting weeds to help keep your grass fresh – just make sure you don’t do this if the ground is frozen over.”

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