Amaryllis care: Plant expert shares watering error you should ‘never’ make

Houseplants: Experts explain why leaves might be falling off

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Amaryllis plants are a festive indoor plant that are relatively easy to look after. The plant can often be seen at this time of year decorating people’s homes with its stunning bright red petals. Amaryllis can take between six to eight weeks to flower when planted in mid to late September.

But they should be in full bloom by Christmas.

Similar to lilies, amaryllis are bulbs which means they are poisonous to pets.

The plant needs to be kept away from areas where pets can reach it.

The plant is native to subtropical regions of the Americas so it is best kept indoors in a bright spot.

Recent Google trends data has revealed that searches for poinsettia have increased by 114 percent and amaryllis by 54 percent since November.

Now, flower preservation experts at Magenta Flowers have put together a guide on looking after seasonal blooms.

Their tips include how to keep amaryllis plants fresher for longer.

The experts said: “One of the easiest flower bulbs to grow and care for, amaryllis produces large, colourful flowers and thrives indoors.”

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However, when watering the plant, houseplant owners need to ensure they “never” allow the plant to sit in water.

They explained: “Soil should be barely moist. Use the finger dip test to check the soil before watering by dipping your finger one inch into the soil.

“If the soil feels wet, wait to water.

“When watering, take care not to wet the portion of the bulb visible above the soil.

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“Allow excess water to drain completely – you should never leave your amaryllis to sit in water.”

Amaryllis needs to be kept out of bright, direct sunlight.

It should be kept in a room with diffused sunlight and slightly cooler indoor temperatures of around 15C.

The plant should be kept away from drafts.

Amaryllis needs very free-draining compost so it doesn’t become exposed to fungal infections.

Yellowing leaves and a drooping stem are a classic sign of this.

Too much warmth can also be a problem and lead to a droopy stem.

The plant just needs a cane to support it and to be grown in cooler areas.

Pests amaryllis can be infected with include scale, mites, thrips, bulb maggots and mealybugs.

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