You can now buy a double decker pizza inspired by Joey Tribbiani

Friends fans and food lovers alike are bound to enjoy a brand new product from Iceland.

The supermarket giant has brought out a new pizza, which is quite literally the definition of comfort food.

Paying tribute to Joey Tribbiani from the hit series Friends, Iceland has launched a double decker pizza, which has not one but two thin and crispy bases.

Fans of the TV show will already be familiar with ‘the Joey special’ but now it’s available to buy in real life, both in-store and online.

Currently there are two different types available: the Double Decker Pepperoni Pizza and the Double Decker BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza – both at £3 each.

The former features lashings of tomato and chilli sauce between the two bases and the top has creamy mozzarella as well as mini pepperoni.

While the latter includes a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce between the two bases, along with cheddar, red cheese, chicken breast and bacon pieces on top.

At the moment it looks like these options are the only double decker pizzas available, so vegans and veggies will have to stay tuned to see if suitable alternatives are brought out.

But the meaty ones are a fitting nod to Joey nevertheless.

In a press release, Iceland commented: ‘Fans of the hit TV show Friends can now channel their inner Tribbiani and gorge on the greatest thing to happen to Italian cuisine since… pizza.’

Now, all that’s left to do is to eat it whilst reclining on a La-Z Boy and watching Days of Our Lives.

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