Woman reveals hack to perfectly line your cake tins when baking

It’s always a bit of a nightmare when you cake sticks to the tin.

The solution is to use greaseproof paper – but it can be difficult to cut out a piece that actually fits.

If it’s too big, it can stop your cake having a smooth top, and if it’s too small, you risk it sticking around the edges.

But one woman has a technique to line the cake tin perfectly every time – and it’s super easy.

Posting on her TikTok, Australian cooking enthusiast Mon Mack starts by cutting a piece of paper, bigger than her tin.

She folds it into a square and then a triangle, then in half again so she has a very thin segment.

She then turns the tin upside down and places the point of the triangle in the middle.

Taking scissors, she trims the excess paper around the edge of the tin and then unfolds, showing how it’s now a circle of paper that will fit the tin.

Others loved the hack and said they would try it out, while some asked for her tips on lining a square tin.

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In another video, Mon showed her technique for that shape.

She cut a piece of baking paper bigger than her tin, sat it underneath the tin and then cut in a straight line up to the tin so that she had four flaps.

Next, she folded all of these into the centre of the piece of paper, placed it in the tin and folded it back out again to line the sides.

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And in a third video, she revealed how to line a loaf tin with one piece of paper. She cut a piece bigger than the tin, turned the tin upside down and marked the four corners.

She then cut at an angle down to the four points and pushed the paper inside to line the tin.

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