Viral TikTok craze leaves foodies perplexed

Last year, butter evolved from the humble spread you slapped onto your toast, to the centrepiece of a chic dinner party.

TikTok feeds became saturated with butter boards, and whole Instagram accounts were dedicated to butter based recipes.

What was once simply an ingredient became a meal in it’s own right, ratified in the same way it’s dairy cousin, the block of cheese, has been for centuries.

But now, we fear we might have taken things a touch to far.

Because now people are making candles out of butter, and eating them.

No, you haven’t entered a butter-themed twilight zone. Yumna Jawad who goes by Feel Good Foodie on TikTok shared her recipe for a ‘butter candle’ which she suggested would be a great addition to your next dinner party.

Make a butter candle for your next party. AD It’s so easy to make with just a paper cup, candle wick and #danishcreamery Rosemary Salt Butter, which is made with rich, European-quality butter and specialty herbs and salts. It’s a slightly elevated butter, perfect for charcuterie and grazing boards, snacking, or in your favorite recipes. Would you try this fun viral trend? #danishsaltedsticks #danishcreamery #viralrecipeideas #buttercandle IB: @Suzy

The premise is fairly simple. You get a block of butter, melt it and then pour it into a paper cup, add in a candle wick, and pop it in the freezer.

Meanwhile, you cut a hole into a big loaf of bread, the same circumference as said paper cup.

Once the butter has been frozen, you cut the paper cup off of the butter and hey presto, you’ve got a candle made from butter.

Pop it into the bread, light it, and as it melts you rip off chunks of bread and dip it into your burning butter candle.

‘You can start dipping in about 10 minutes. This is so fun and so good,’ said Yumna.

Yumna’s video has been viewed a staggering 7.7million times – although it seems the internet can’t quite work out if they love the concept, or hate it.

‘I can’t decide if this or the butter board is worse,’ wrote one commenter. ‘I have the most fun not doing this,’ said another.

While others were feeling a little more positive. ‘What’s wrong with this? I love bread and butter, and this is super fun.’

Even Lidl’s official TikTok account got involved asking, ‘A butter what????’

We’re a little confused too.

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