Poach the ‘perfect’ egg in two minutes without a saucepan or white vinegar

John Torode’s cooking tip for poached eggs

Poached eggs have been the subject of many unique cooking hacks, with many people claiming that special pans or even vinegar are crucial to success.

But one TikTok foodie has proven that it’s simply not true.

Sharing her clever cooking tip in a short video, Elise (@eliseeats) claimed that a microwave, mug, and some water are really all that’s needed.

She claimed that she learnt the “time-saving hack” a while ago and “never stopped doing [it]”.

Elise explained: “I am always in a rush. I never have time to do anything and this hack literally saved me.”

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Cooking poached eggs this way couldn’t be easier and it takes very little time too.

The TikTok star demonstrated the hack which involved filling up a mug one-quarter of the way to the top with water, then microwaving it for a minute.

Then, Elise cracked an egg directly into the water-filled mug from the fridge.

She said: “Give the yolk a little poke. You don’t want to puncture it but you should use a toothpick.”

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This step is essential to prevent the egg from exploding in the microwave, which some TikTok users claimed had happened to them when they tried the hack themselves, however, Elise claimed that it “had never happened to her”.

After preparing the egg, the food content creator covered the mug with cling film and microwaved it for 30 seconds.

Once cooked, she removed it from the microwave and gently tipped it out onto a plate lined with a paper towel.

The result was a fully-cooked poached with firm whites and a jammy, runny yolk.

Elise said: “Look how cute she is. I’m going to eat this with sourdough toast… look at that! It’s actually perfect and it took two minutes.”

Social media users who watched the video took to the comments to proclaim “this is genius”, with another writing: “I learned this while working in a coffee shop and I almost never do it any other way now. So easy!”

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