'Unconventional' hack shows how to get every last bit of ketchup out the bottle

Picture the scene, you’ve made yourself a glorious dinner with a generous portion of chips, you reach for the ketchup to complete the meal only to find you’re running low.

You bash, squeeze, and shake the bottle, but only the tiniest amount comes out – despite the fact you can see lashings of the red condiment lurking inside.

Sound familiar? It’s a disappointing scenario we’re all too familiar with – but thankfully a woman on Instagram has found the solution to our sauce sorrow.

Casey Rieger has shared a hilarious and pretty unique ‘life hack’ guaranteed to get that extra ketchup out.

Although, it’s also a mini workout.

In a video, she shows herself spinning the bottle around with one arm in a circular motion, so the sheer force of gravity pushes the ketchup to the button.

The inventive, albeit strenuous, hack has gained 52.7k views and 2.7k likes so far.

And it’s safe to say the trick has got a lot of people talking – although some are pretty concerned about potential mess that might come with it.

One person replied: ‘I used to do that when I was a little kid. Then once the cap opened mid-swing. Never again.’

While another added: ‘That’s genius but I will also immediately forget this useful tip and never use it.’

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