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A WOMAN has shared how she makes her home smell divine using a mop and some boiling water. 

The cleaning fan, who calls herself Harmm, shared her easy hack involving a bucket, a mop and a few cupboard essentials – and people are so impressed, they say her house must smell like heaven. 

While we scramble to scour down our homes ahead of autumn, it’s essential that our floors get a good scrub and smell great too. 

And with many of us making mistakes that make our homes dirtier than when we started cleaning – we need all the help we can get. 

In Harmm’s short video, she urges fans: “Try this mop water hack and thank me later. It leaves you home smelling so fresh and clean.” 

First things first, Harmm fills a saucepan with hot water and sets it on her stove top. 

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With the stove turned up high to boil the water, she ventures to her cleaning cupboard and pulls out a blue container of Oxi Clean carpet cleaner. 

Next, she reaches for a huge bottle of Pine Sol – a multi-purpose disinfectant and stain remover with pine fragrance.

She unwraps a new mop head, grabs her bucket and pours a hearty glug of Pine Sol inside. 

Next is a glug of the Oxi Clean, followed by a smaller measure of 99 percent rubbing alcohol.

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Finally, she pours the now-boiling water into the bucket.

The cleaning mixture steams up from the bucket, and Harmm’s viewers are all gagging to smell it for themselves. 

One user wrote: “Your house has got to smell better than heaven.” 

A second agreed: “ I smelt this through the phone.” 

And a third replied: “That house smells like heaven, I can tell.” 

Harmm boasts over 234,000 followers on TikTok and 2.2 million people have watched her cleaning hack so far.

However, her technique has raised a few questions. 

One woman asked: “What does the rubbing alcohol do?” 

Harmm replied: “It helps the solution dry quicker while also avoiding floor streaks. And it has some antibacterial benefits as well. 

Another said: “Do you let water cool a little? Boiling hot water might mess up floor in the long run causing it to warp.” 

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But Harmm was prepared with a quick retort. She said: “I’m not an expert but on my floors it’s always worked. Do a spot test and see how you feel. The alcohol dries it up super fast.”

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