Think superfoods are too expensive? Check out these cheap alternatives

Swap salmon for mackerel

Swap wheatgrass for rocket

  • Chlorophyll (good for liver detox and weight loss)
  • Amino acids (for energy, cell function and tissue repair)
  • Beta-carotenes (for eye health)
  • Vitamins C, E, B and K (healthy skin and immune function)

Swap pomegranate for beetroot

  • Antioxidants, which protect your body’s cells from free radicals that contribute to cancer and heart disease
  • Fibre, which prevents constipation and reduces risk of type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer
  • Folate, which is needed for red blood cell formation and prevention of birth defects
  • Vitamin K for healthy hair

Swap pak choi for broccoli

  • Potassium (regulates nervous system and reduce blood pressure)
  • Magnesium (regulates blood sugar and prevents depression)
  • Zinc (boosts your immune system)
  • Niacin (reduces high cholesterol)

Swap sugar snaps for green peas

  • The Vitamin B family (good for energy and brain function)
  • Phosphorus (formation of bones and teeth, and cell repair)
  • Molybdenum (helps prevent toxins from building up in your body)
  • Saponins (improve metabolism and prevents tumour growth)

Swap kale for white cabbage

Swap adzuki beans for lentils

Swap pumpkin seeds for flax seeds

Swap blueberries for red grapes

Swap jerusalem artichoke for sweet potato

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