Ree Drummond’s Ham & Cheese Hand Pies Are a Delicious Alternative to Fast Food Breakfast

Swinging by your favorite fast food place to pick up a breakfast sandwich on your way to work is just so convenient. The only problem is that the cost of those sandwiches adds up and do you really know what’s in those things? If you’re trying to ditch your fast food breakfast habit, then Ree Drummond is here to help. The Pioneer Woman has come up with a handy hand pie recipe that can go with you to work and help you save a few bucks.

Drummond’s Cheesy Ham & Egg Hand Pies start with a base of scrambled eggs. Drummonds loves adding freshly chopped chives to her eggs to add a “springy” touch. Then, the hot eggs are transferred to a bowl where chopped ham and shredded cheese.

You don’t want your cheese to fully melt into the eggs because that will make it difficult for the filled to be added to the pies. So, allow your eggs to cool for a minute before tossing the cheese in.

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To make the hand pie pockets, Drummond uses sheets of puff pastry dough you can buy at any grocery store. She cut them to size and then spooned a bit of the ham and egg filling onto one piece of puff pastry dough and then covers it with another, using an egg wash and the prongs of her fork to keep the dough sides together.

Once you have all your hand pies assembled, you can toss them into the oven. After about 20 minutes, you’re ready to serve!

After your hand pies cool, you can wrap each one in wax paper and stick them in the fridge or freezer so you can take them with you to work throughout the week. Just unwrap them, throw them in a toaster oven (or maybe even an air fryer), and you have fast food breakfast at home!

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