Michelin-star chef shares recipe for the ‘perfect’ poached egg

John Torode’s cooking tip for poached eggs

Poached eggs may seem like a simple-enough meal to make, but if someone does not know what they are doing it can lead to a cooking disaster.

The latest trend popularised on TikTok has led many would-be cooks to attempt to make a poached egg by adding vinegar to the boiling water, as they claim it will make the egg hold its shape better.

However, one Michelin-star chef is begging people to go back to basics and has gone viral on social media after showing how to cook a poached egg the old-fashioned way.

Paul Foster is an accomplished chef who has written a cookbook and owns the British restaurants GrassFed and Salt.

In his highly popular TikTo video, Paul said: “I’m going to show you how to make a perfect poached egg, which I know is a nemesis for a lot of people.”

Paul began his video by warning his viewers: “Do NOT add vinegar. Whatever people tell you, you do not need it.“

Later on in the video, he said: “I was shown, when I was a young chef, to use vinegar but I’ve learned a better way. This is the better way.”

To make a perfect poached egg, Paul showed himself heating water in a pot on the stove and added a pinch of salt to the water. He said that for best results, get as “fresh an egg as possible” and make sure it is room temperature before you begin cooking.

In order to crack the egg, Paul’s best cooking tip is to crack it into a sieve to “get off any watery bits on the white” and advised not to crack the egg into the pot until the water is boiling.

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Paul then said to give the pot a quick stir and said: “Give it a stir, you don’t need to whisk it and create a vortex. The stir just helps it to move so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.”

Once the egg is fully submerged in the water. Paul set a two-minute timer, so he knew when to check on the egg. He insisted it is very important to give your egg a “little look” and not walk away from the pot while it is cooking.

Paul said: “See how the water is not boiling. There’s no vinegar in there, it’s not gone all scummy and it’s not going to taste like c**p.”

After two minutes, Paul set the timer for another 30 seconds and emphasised it was important to be patient and let it cook. He said: “Don’t be tempted to turn it up and start boiling it.”

After the poached egg is done, a Michelin-star chef cut into it to reveal a “perfectly cooked runny yolk” before placing it on some toast.

Paul finished his video by insisting that you do not need to follow any trendy social media trends in order to cook properly. He said: “You don’t need a microwave, you don’t need one of those stupid egg poachers. You just need a pan with some water, with no vinegar in it. Just a little bit of salt.”

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