Martha Stewart's Chicken and Dumpling Recipe is Serious Food for Your Soul

Picture it: Aromatic broth, warmth steaming your face, and your spoon, dipping into a fluffy dumping. Mmmm, right? We’re all for the idea of clean eating in the new year, but if we’re being completely honest, cozy, comforting dinners are all we want to eat when the weather is cold. And Martha Stewart has us all covered on those chilly, bundle-up-by-the-fire nights when all we want is a piping hot meal to keep us warm. Her Chicken and Dumpling recipe is sure to do the trick this winter season.

Stewart took to Instagram to share the test-kitchen approved recipe, writing, “Meet our test kitchen’s favorite chicken and dumplings, the ultimate comfort food that’s ideal for dinner on a chilly winter night. The beauty of our approach is its simplicity: Make an herbaceous broth that cooks the chicken in 20 minutes, add vegetables, and blanket it all in pillow-soft dumplings.”

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Doesn’t that just sound divine? Stewart’s Instagram followers seemed just as excited as we are about this recipe, with one writing, “Printing it out right now. Looks delicious and can’t wait to try it. Thanks!!”

Comfort food, alas, isn’t always quick — this dish takes an hour and a half to make — but you can cut some time by using cooked rotisserie chicken and store-bought broth. (Hey, we’re all about shortcuts, especially on weeknights!). This recipe is also great for big families, as it serves six to eight people, or anyone who wants yummy leftovers.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Chicken and Dumpling recipe.

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