Martha Stewart Just Elevated This Popular Super Bowl Snack in the Most Delicious Way

The most important part of a successful Super Bowl experience (aside from your home team winning) is the spread. If you have an assortment of different bite-sized foods, everyone at the party is sure to find something that they can enjoy. Finger food is the best food, but if you haven’t decided what game-winning snack to bring to the event don’t worry. Of course, you could go for a store-bought option like mac and cheese bites but why not make something from scratch? If that sounds like your jam, then Martha Stewart (as always) has you covered.

It’s no surprise that she dominates the dessert world, with her irresistible chocolate truffles and red velvet cake, but her appetizers can also steal the show. What better feeling is there at halftime than when you see your snack bowl empty because everyone loved it so much. Who doesn’t want to be the one bringing the MVP snack? Try Martha Stewart’s honey mustard twist on Pigs in Blankets, it is sure to spice things up on game day.

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Stewart shared the creation on Instagram writing, “Our MVP prediction for game day? Our fan-favorite pigs in blankets recipe.🏆 The secret to making this classic finger food extra irresistible lies in brushing the puff pastry with honey mustard before baking.”

Who doesn’t love honey mustard? The extra tang and sweetness in these really keep you coming back for more.

Taking less than two hours and yielding over 50 bite-sized snacks, this is a great one to pop in the oven right before all the guests come over. Serve them warm with a dish of mustard for dipping and watch as they quickly disappear. If your team doesn’t win, just know that your appetizer will score the game-winning touchdown into everyone’s bellies no matter what.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Pigs in Blankets Recipe

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