Lisa Marie Presley, 53, Shares Rare New Pic With Twin Daughters, 12, On Her 1st Birthday Since Son’s Death

Lisa Marie Presley took to IG for the first time in months, after going into mourning following the loss of her son. LMP was surrounded by her three daughters as she turned 53 on Feb. 1.

Lisa Marie Presley has been absent from Instagram since Oct. 21, 2020, on what would have been her late son Benjamin Keough‘s 28th birthday. The still bereaved mom has her three daughters giving her strength, and they were surrounding her with birthday love on Feb. 1, 2021. Lisa turned 53-years-old and shared an IG photo of their subdued birthday dinner to her Instagram account the following day. It appeared the four enjoyed a meal out in L.A., as outdoor heating lamps and strung lights could be seen behind them.

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Lisa looked so heartbroken still, unable to muster up a smile. Even her eyes had a heavy sense of loss behind them. In her first birthday since Benjamin took his life in July 2020, she thanked her daughters for giving her the will to keep going on. “Thank you for all of the overwhelming birthday wishes from everyone. Like everyday, I couldn’t have made it through without these three by my side. ~ LMP,” Lisa wrote in the caption. 

In the snapshot, her 12-year-old twins Harper and Finley Lockwood could be seen standing directly behind their seated mom. Lisa’s oldest child, 31-year-old daughter Riley Keough stood in the back. She had a muted smile on her face, and looked stunning and natural, wearing an oatmeal sweater with little makeup and her curly locks in a messy bun atop her head. 

Lisa’s mom Priscilla Presley shared birthday wishes to her only child via her own Instagram page. The 75-year-old simply wrote, ‘Happy Birthday Yisa! Mom,” with a red heart emoji in the caption. She shared with fans an old Polaroid photo of a toddler Lisa sitting on her mom’s lap, in a rare snapshot of the late Elvis Presley‘s only child. 

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Lisa received plenty of loving comments in her birthday post. Songwriter Linda Thompson, 70, who dated Elvis after he split from Priscilla in 1973, wrote, “Yisa Marisa….Your sensitive heart shines through not only through your hauntingly beautiful eyes, but in the gorgeous faces of your daughters. I think of you so very often and always with the deepest of love. You are a big part of many of my most cherished memories indelibly etched in my own heart…I love you now…I loved you then…I will always love you…It seems trite to say happy birthday after all you’ve been through…But I do wish you happiness every day…”

Many other fans were happy to see Lisa back on Instagram again, even though the heartbreak was still there in her face over the loss of Benjamin. Follower @mlmjp commented, “You lovely soul!! I am so glad you spent your birthday with your three gorgeous girls. I hope the future brings you joy after all the pain you went though. All love!!!” while fan @grandmaindiana wrote, “If I could only hug the hurt away from all of you.”

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Lisa has only posted to Instagram once since Ben’s July 12, 2020 death. On his Oct. 21 birthday she shared a photo of him on a past birthday with a cake full of lit candles in front of him. “My beautiful beautiful angel, I worshipped the ground you walked on, on this earth and now in Heaven. My heart and soul went with you. The depth of the pain is suffocating and bottomless without you every moment of every day, I will never be the same.” Lisa wrote in the caption.

“Please wait for me my love, and hold my hand while I stay to continue to protect and raise your little sisters and to be here for Riley. I know you would want that. Happy Birthday my sweet sweet Boy. You were much too good for this world,” she added.

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