evian Reveals New Virgil Abloh-Designed Water Bottle

evian has unveiled the latest water bottle to be designed by Virgil Abloh, who joined the company as Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design back in 2018. The bottle — excluding cap and label — is the first of Abloh’s designs for evian to be made from 100% recycled plastic and also be fully recyclable.

The design of the bottle references its recycled construction, with a hammered effect covering the bottle in a nod to the previous life of the bottle and the plastic used. Speaking about this element of the design, Abloh explained, “My new hammer motif reflects how this new design has been reconstructed from waste materials, which in itself was a whole new challenge, and a new step in my partnership with evian. It is now more important than ever to practice sustainability; I believe we all have the power to challenge the status quo and to change our future for the better.”

Abloh also went on to say, “It was a real challenge to take on the redesign of the evian bottle; an image which is so commonplace in our culture. I wanted to create a shape that was as iconic as the evian brand, whilst representing how the product has been reinvented using old bottles.”

Virgil Abloh’s latest evian design is due to release in March this year, and will be available from select locations including Curator Hotels and Resorts.

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