Bruno Mars's Rum Line Gets a New Look — Plus More Stars Who Have Gotten Into the Alcohol Business

Bruno Mars

SelvaRey Rum

The singer, 35, relaunched his rum late last year and the new packaging radiates ultimate vacation vibes. Available in three varieties — White, Chocolate, and Owner’s Reserve — the bottle is recognizable thanks to a sleek toucan crest. 

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Jason Aldean

Wolf Moon Bourbon

The liquor, created by the country star, 43, and Floria Georiga Line, commemorates the good times they spent together over the years. The straight bourbon whiskey is aged for four years in American oak casks, resulting in a sweetly smooth tasting profile.

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Thomas Rhett

Dos Primos Tequila

The country star, 30, and his cousin Jeff Worn unveiled a new tequila that they have been perfecting for the past three years. Dos Primos — which is Spanish for “two cousins” — is crafted by fourth-generation tequila distillers and combines the spirit’s Mexican tradition with the pair’s Southern roots. “Beyond proud of how it turned out,” Rhett wrote in his Instagram announcement.

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Snoop Dogg


Twenty-six years after the rapper’s song “Gin & Juice” dominated the charts, Snoop Dogg has ventured into the sprits business. Each bottle is crafted in a “laid-back California style” and is five-times distilled with seven botanicals featuring flavors of strawberry and citrus making it slightly sweet, crisp and fruity.

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Le Chemin du Roi

Leave it to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson to create one of the most luxurious bottles of bubbly on the market — inside and out. Le Chemin du Roi, which translates to “the king’s path”, is a line of brut, rosé and blanc de blancs retailing for $199, $325 and $999 respectively. After the champagnes are created from grapes harvested in France, each bottle is affixed by hand with 14-karat gold-plated emblems modeled after a king chess piece. Find them in a variety of liquor stores nationwide. 

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King St. Vodka

The actress recently announced her latest business venture, King St. Vodka. “I have always found the spirits industry fascinating, and I love Dirty Vodka Martinis,” she said in a press release. “The creative side of me thought it would be a fun challenge to develop a vodka for my palate, and in a beautiful package that I would love to have on my bar and share with friends. The businessperson in me is now looking forward to the challenge of building a brand in an entirely new industry,” said Hudson. King St. is distilled seven times in small batches, it’s gluten-free, it uses alkaline water to produce a smooth, clean vodka taste.

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Villa One

The youngest Jonas Brother joined forces this summer with his friend, fashion designer John Varvatos, to release a brand new line of ultra-premium, hand-crafted tequila called Villa One. He wrote on Instagram, “We could not be more excited to introduce you to @VillaOne…We’re incredibly proud of this product we’ve worked so hard on and hope you guys love it too. Here’s to #LifeAsItShouldBe!”

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Teremana Tequila

The Jumanji actor has always been a fan of tequila, so it only made sense that he create his own version of the drink. The Rock revealed the name of his tequila in an Instagram post in late October, writing, “Ladies and gents, I proudly bring you, TEREMANA TEQUILA ?TERA is meant to represent ‘Terre’ which means of the earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us.” He explained that his goal was to create a high-quality, hand-crafted tequila, and that “after years of hard work, this blessing is truly a dream come true – but it’s just th ebeginning and there’s much more work to be done. I’m committed with my team to bring you the best tequila, because quality and legacy are what matter most.”

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Wild Turkey Longbranch
McConaughey has long worked with the Kentucky-based company Wild Turkey — writing, starring in and directing a series of TV and digital ad campaigns for them — but more recently he took the relationship to the next level by releasing his own bottle of booze. Longbranch is a subtly smoky bourbon made with a blend of vanilla and spices.

Buy It! Wild Turkey Longbranch, $39.99;

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Próspero Tequila

The British singer joined Próspero Tequila as a shareholder and Chief Creative Partner, celebrating the brand’s U.S. launch on April 1. Próspero Tequila was created by Stella Anguiano, one of the first female tequila distillers in the world. “This has been one of my favorite projects to work on because it has given me the opportunity to work with Stella,” says Ora. “Stella and her team are incredibly passionate about what they do and have given me the chance to collaborate on a project that celebrates all women. I can’t wait to toast this new partnership with my family, friends and fans.”” 

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Heaven’s Door Spirits

The musician recently announced a collection of premium handcrafted whiskeys that feature his own artwork on the bottle. The first three blends include a Straight Tennessee Bourbon, a Double Barrel Whiskey, and a Straight Rye Whiskey finished in “Cigar” Barrels from Vosges, France. Dylan said in a statement that he and his partner Marc Bushala “wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that, in their own way, tell a story.” The product is scheduled to hit shelves mid-May, but only in select locations in Tennessee, Texas, California, Florida, New York and Illinois on the first rollout (though more cities are expected to come soon). 

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Old Camp Whiskey

The country music duo released America’s first-ever Peach Pecan Whiskey in 2016. ““We wanted it to taste like home,” they told PEOPLE. “With the peaches and the pecans, you’ve got a little bit of Florida, and a little bit of Georgia. The whiskey makes it an experience … you get to indulge in all three of them.”

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Aviation Gin

The actor, writer and producer is adding another role to his lengthy resume—owner of Aviation Gin. “Aviation is the best tasting gin in the world. Once I tried it, I knew I wanted to get involved with the company in a big way,” Reynolds said in a statement. The 41-year-old will play an active role in the day-to-day business and oversee creative direction of the company.

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Virginia Black Whiskey

In a joint venture back in 2016, the Grammy-winning rapper and spirits producer Brent Hocking launched an aged Bourbon whiskey. The spirit was described by our taste testers as “much smoother and sweeter than your average bourbon.” If that sounds enticing to you, the Canadian artist is now offering his fans a piece of the business. The partners recently announced that they are hoping to raise $30 million in investments with an IPO starting at the end of this fiscal quarter. 

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Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

The 31-year-old MMA champion and entrepreneur released his Irish Whiskey brand in September 2018, and it saw the most impactful launch within the spirits category ever. Proper No. Twelve sold 200,000 cases in its first year on the market and features a blend of Ireland’s finest golden grain and single malt whiskey. For each case of the whiskey that is sold, $5 will be donated to local first responder organizations, up to $1million annually.

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Backstage Southern Whiskey

Before he hits the stage, the country singer takes a ceremonial group whiskey shot with his band to kick off the show. It’s a longstanding tradition for Rucker (also the frontman for Hootie & the Blowfish, who penned a song titled “Whiskey and You”) to bring good luck for each show—and now he continues the ritual with his line of liquor. According to a PEOPLE staffer who got to taste test the drink—which is only available in select South Carolina locations for now—Backstage Whiskey is “definitely worth a try,” she says. “Even if nothing will top drinking it with Rucker himself.”

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Born and Bred Vodka
The Magic Mike star says he dove into the liquor business after failing to find a “good American vodka.” So he partnered up with Idaho’s Grand Teton Distillery to launch the potato-based drink that has “a smooth taste to it, like a cool feeling in your mouth,” he told Bon Appetit. “The after taste doesn’t burn.”
Buy It! Born and Bred Vodka, $26.99;

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Santo Mezquila
The Maroon 5 frontman and former Van Halen member now have more than rock music in common. The pair bonded over their love of tequila and launched Santo, the world’s first mezquila (a combination of tequila and mezcal). By blending the two liquors, Hagar says they created “a higher spirit.”
Buy It! Santo Mezquila, $41.99 – $62.99;

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The Hilhaven Lodge Whiskey
The director’s latest passion project is rich in candied fruit notes made from a blend of bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye whiskey. The name takes after Hilhaven Lodge, a real-life escape in Beverly Hills owned by Ratner.
Buy It! The Hilhaven Lodge Whiskey, $39.98 – $79.99;

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Sauza 901 Tequila
Timberlake and tequila — need we say more? The singer-actor collaborated with the legendary Casa Sauza to create the smooth, triple distilled drink. 
Buy It! Sauza 901 Tequila, $14.99 – $54.09;

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Casamigos Tequila
“Our idea was to make the best-tasting, smoothest tequila whose taste didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime,” the business partner-friends say of their tequila, which is available in blanco, reposado or añejo. “So we did.” Orange margarita, anyone?
Buy It! Casamigos Tequila, $2.99 to $69.99;

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Código 1530
“This year, I’m resolving to drink more water, and better tequila,” the country singer recently declared. Easy enough since Strait has brought the “previously nameless” tequila to the U.S. from Mexico. “Celebrating a successful show with a shot of tequila backstage has been a concert ritual for a long time now,” he said.  
Buy It! Código 1530, $54.99 – $80.99;

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The Real Housewives star’s brand has expanded way beyond the original Skinnygirl Margarita. The company now sells more than 20 types of cocktails including wine, vodka and sangria — but they all promise the same: to skimp on calories, not taste.
Buy It! Skinnygirl Margarita, $8.99 to $20.61;

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Haig Club 
The retired soccer star and dad partnered with British entrepreneur Simon Fuller to create a single grain scotch whisky bottled in a distinctive blue square. 
Buy It! Haig Club Scotch Whisky, $19.99 – $82.99;

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Working with Shelton was a natural fit for the vodka brand made in America’s Heartland because “Blake was raised on hard work, dedication and an appreciation for celebrating life’s simple pleasures with good people,” reads the company’s website.
Buy It! Smithworks Vodka, $12.99 – $26.99;

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Crystal Head Vodka
The Ghostbusters star’s liquor is know for coming encased in its unique bottle. Why skull-shaped? Aykroyd and designer John Alexander say it is a “symbol of life, reflecting power and enlightenment.”
Buy It! Crystal Head Vodka, $29.99 – $69.99;

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Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum
After the success of his Cabo Wabo tequila, the Van Halen frontman expanded his skills in the spirit industry by creating a rum that captured the essence of Hawaii. “It is truly ‘The Spirit of Aloha,'” he says.
Buy It! Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum, $19.99 – $35.99;

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Blue Chair Bay Rum
Flavors for Chesney’s liquor made in “authentic beachside distilleries” include white, coconut and banana to induce automatic vacation mode.
Buy It! Blue Chair Bay Rum, $13.99 – $31.09;

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Casa Dragones
Can’t get enough Seacrest? The TV host has a stake in the tequila business. “This has a crisp, smooth taste that is perfect on the rocks or in signature craft cocktails,” says the investor in the brand. On the rocks, it is!
Buy It! Casa Dragones Tequila, $58.99 – $114.49;

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Dennis Rodman the Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka
If the retired NBA basketballer is going to have a liquor brand, he’s sure to make it “bad ass.” Rodman’s venture promises premium vodka to “really get the party started.”
Buy It! Dennis Rodman the Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka, from $8.79;

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