8 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Adults That Really Take The Cake

There’s nothing you can’t do with a little bit of WiFi, and that includes ringing in your birthday. You can grab your laptop, put on your go-to party dress and hat, and blow out your candles with your BFFs who are safely tuning in from their homes. After opening up gifts from your friends that were sent to your front door, you can spruce up the festivities with these virtual birthday party ideas for adults.

Although you may feel tempted to gather with your people in person, it’s safest to celebrate virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. The guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) note that avoiding close contact with people who don’t live in your household is essential to keeping you and the ones you love safe.

You want your birthday to shine no matter how you’re celebrating, and that’s where these virtual party ideas come in handy. They’ll make sure your party is anything but boring by allowing your friends to play games, spill the tea, and have tons of laughs. To make your virtual birthday party the best it can be, send your friends an itinerary in advance, along with any information they need to participate like a link to a ticket or a code for visiting your island in Animal Crossing. The birthday fun awaits.

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1. Have Your Friends Visit Your Island In ‘Animal Crossing’

If you have a Nintendo Switch as well as Animal Crossing ($60, Target), it’s only right to have your friends, who also have these items and adore Tom Nook, visit your island on your special day. They can dance and party with your villagers after arriving via local or online play, and even leave some wrapped presents near your house.

To commemorate this celebration, take pics of your characters hanging out with your Nook Phone and post them on IG.

2. Have A Karaoke Singalong With A Personal Twist

Does your friend group love to belt out the lyrics to their fave songs? They’ll love this party idea, which requires them to put together a playlist you would love for your birthday and then sing along to it. This playlist may include songs that are total inside jokes, or ones that you danced to at a party back in college. Make sure everyone brings a wooden spoon or a brush to use as a microphone for this virtual get-together.

3. Watch Your Favorite YouTube Videos And Vlogs

Over the years, you have probably sent your BFFs the links to so many hilarious YouTube videos and vlogs. On your big day, share you screen via Zoom and host a watch party of your faves. Go back to Connor Franta baking bread, or even Emma Chamberlain rating French fries, and giggle at the jokes you remember loving the first time around. It’ll certainly get the good vibes going on your birthday and make sure that your guests are having a good time, too.

4. Participate In A Group Yoga Class

Taking a group yoga class on your birthday is an easy way to start your year off on the right foot. (Maybe, quite literally.) If this sounds like something you’re into, then start by choosing a class for you and your BFFs to participate in.

Think about everyone’s past experience with yoga, and whether you’d like to book a mindfulness class via Airbnb Online Experiences, or do a rewarding flow via YouTube. Have everyone log onto Zoom in their comfiest clothes before sharing your screen and getting into the moves.

5. Try Out A New Dessert Recipe

This birthday, your people may not be standing by you while you blow out candles on a cake. But, they can bake with you virtually and try out a brand new dessert recipe.

To do this, simply have everyone gather the ingredients for a recipe of your choice. Then, follow the steps together while chatting away on Zoom. Take a bite and rate your creations to finish your celebration off.

Pro tip: This dessert cookbook ($35, Urban Outfitters) is the prime place to go for a new and delicious recipe.

6. Design A Mood Board

The podcast you listen to or the book you’re currently reading may talk about the power of manifestation. To sum things up, it’s a mindset where you strongly believe in something happening for yourself or becoming a reality in the world.

On your birthday, it may be fun to sit down with your BFFs (virtually, of course) and dream about what this next lap around the sun may look like. But, don’t stop with dreaming. Each person at your virtual party can cut out photos from magazines, print out their favorite quotes, and attach stickers to their very own mood board. It’s definitely a birthday #mood.

7. Give A Tour Of Your House Plants

What’s a better way to spend your birthday than raving about your house plants? (We’ll wait.) Truth is, carrying your phone or laptop into each room of your home and naming the plants you take care of can be so rewarding, exciting, and you. So, on your birthday, do just that and host a plant workshop for your friends.

Share your knowledge of succulents and snake plants. Show off your green thumb you’ve cultivated over the year. Your friends will likely walk away from the experience having learned a new tip, trick, or plant hack from TikTok.

8. Record The First Episode Of Your Own Podcast

You and your BFFs would likely make the best podcast hosts. So on you birthday, spend an hour recording the first episode of a new joint venture. Talk about your favorite foods, answer some questions you may have received on IG, and dish your theories for the latest season of The Bachelor.

Even if you don’t end up posting the episode, you’ll have a fun audio clip to listen to in the future and a sweet recording of a heart-to-heart you had with your friends on your birthday.

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