You've got the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the car with the lights on in this brain teaser that lots give up on | The Sun

HOW good are you at solving tricky brain teasers? And can you beat your family and friends? Now’s the time to find out…

A whopping 25% of people totally give up on the below mind boggling optical illusion, as they’re challenged to find the one and only car that still has its headlights on.

Meanwhile, out of those that persevere, it takes the average person 45 seconds to spot the bright beams amongst the crowded scene. 

The experts at comparison website iCompario created the image to test those who are a fan of teasers and quizzes.

In the picture, there are countless, colourful cars parked stationary in eleven lines.

While the model and shade of each remain different, they have one thing in common – their headlights are switched off.

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But just one of the vehicles has forgotten to do so and, if you look closely, you’ll see its beams are shining right into your eyes. 

So can you identify the rogue car straight away? 

Or are you part of the gang who need to have a sneak peek to solve the puzzle? 

If you’re in need of a clue, try focusing on the top, right-hand corner of the scene.

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And if the timer is ticking away and you’re yet to identify it, the third row down might be the clue you need to finally crack it. 

That’s right, the yellow taxi-style car– circled below – has yellow lights to match and is the one you’ve been looking for.

If you’re a fan of this teaser, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Elsewhere, if you’re looking to be challenged further, there’s plenty more, your wish is our command. 

Thanks to Lords and Labradors, another brain teaser challenges people to track down the two lost dogs in a busy park – and if you can successfully beat it, it means you have a high IQ. 

The picture they’ve created shows lots of different dogs and their proud owners out for a daytime walk in the park.

However, eagle-eyed people will soon see that there are not one but two lonely pups who have been lost in the chaos. 

So can you see the four-legged friends hiding in the trees, birds and bees? 

While the average person takes around 58 seconds to spot the pooches, some eagle-eyed brain teaser fans have managed to do so in 43 seconds or less.

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