Polo G Lashes Out After He's Falsely Accused of Unfollowing Gunna on IG

Gunna Polo G

Polo G is an unhappy camper after blogs accused him of unfollowing Gunna on Instagram … something he vehemently denies, and says is actually impossible!!!

polo g gunna

The Chicago rapper lashed out in his IG stories, citing an erroneous post from No Jumper that claimed he was the latest rapper to shun Gunna on social media.

Polo follows more than 600 accounts, but says he doesn’t really vibe with other dudes and just minds his own business.

polo g gunna

What’s more interesting is that Polo and Gunna have collaborated in the past … once for the remix to Polo’s 7X platinum 2019 smash hit “Pop Out,” and again in 2021 for Kawhi Leonard‘s “Culture Jam” album.

Gunna might never get another verse from Polo, but that doesn’t mean his fellow ATL native Jacquees feels the same way.

TMZ Hip Hop got Jacquees’ take on the rash of Gunna backlash, and the R&B star refuses to hit the unfollow button … telling us there’s no lemming in his DNA!!!

Hopefully, Gunna’s keeping tabs on who his real friends are … because it’s feeling like there are fewer and fewer of them in the rap game.

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