You’ve been making your omelettes all wrong… and you’re definitely putting the cheese on badly

THE HUMBLE omelette can take years to master, often times it can end up looking just like scrambled eggs.

But a new dawn is upon us, and it turns out we've been making omelettes wrong all this time.

Yumna started Feel Good Foodie eight years ago when she herself was learning to cook herself.

Now, Feel Good Foodie has it's own TikTok account with over 1.5 million followers.

Recently, Yumna shared a recipe for a crispy, inside out omelette, and the delicious hack will make you want one every morning.

In the caption, Yumna wrote: Crispy inside out omelette! Such a great low carb breakfast and you can top with any ant veggies!"

To begin, add a thin, even layer of cheese to a skillet or non-stick pan and let it heat up.

Then whisk your eggs and once the cheese begins to bubble, pour the eggs on top.

You can season the omelette to your own taste, and once it starts to bubble on top, quickly fold your omelette over and let it cook for a couple more minutes.

The results are incredible, the omelette looks fluffy and warm on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Yumna says it's a great low carb breakfast to start your day with and also suggested accompanying it with some avocados and tomatoes.

Her recipe has already attracted many positive comments from people on TikTok saying they can't wait to try Yumna's recipe.

One user exclaimed: "Alright, alright this looks freaking amazing!"

"Thank you for the recipe… Yummy!" another person commented.

A third user replied: "This is amazing! I am eating it right now!"

however, there were some who argued the cheese would get stuck to the bottom of the pan if putting the cheese on first.

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