You're in the top 20 percent if you can find the odd sofa that doesn't belong in under 30 seconds | The Sun

ONLY the most elite brainteaser lovers have been able to find the abberation in this optical illusion.

This image features dozens of repeating couches, sofas, and chairs.

One piece of furniture is different from all the others, but not everybody has been able to find it without a struggle.

The challenging puzzle was created by sofa and carpet company ScS.

It shows several rows of comfy-looking seating in a variety of different colors.

All of the pieces repeat in the image – except for one.

Many viewers aren't able to spot the sofa in less than 30 seconds.

Those people might need to spend more time training their brains.

Only two out of five viewers are able to pick out the unique piece of furniture in less than half a minute.

"We all know the frustration of losing something around your home, whether it’s your phone, book, or glasses," said Dale Gillespie, ScS's head of acquisition.

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The unique couch has some interesting accessories that the others are missing.

The image shows couches in several colors including white, gray, pink, blue, and green.

But the one viewers are looking for is also a unique shade.

Here's a hint for those struggling: the couch in question is at the very bottom of the picture.

Although it's hidden behind other pieces of furniture, it has colorful throw pillows that make it pop out of the image.

Were you able to solve this brainteaser? If so, how long did it take you? What strategy did you use?

The unique couch is located in the central-bottom area of the picture.

It's immediately above the plant with large leaves that sticks out from the bottom.

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