You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the gecko hiding in the shrub in under five seconds before the leaves move | The Sun

YOU must have great vision if you can find this cute gecko hiding among the foliage.

Try and spot Ego the "grumpy" reptile in less than five seconds before the leaves move.

The crested gecko is a colorful lizard famous for crests that run from head to tail, said Everything Reptiles.

These types of lizard have small spines above their eyes which look like eyelashes.

Known for their expressive faces – and licking their eyes – they can only be found on the islands of New Caledonia, a group of islands near Australia.

A video of the hiding lizard was shared on TikTok by Jaycee (@simplygecko), who wrote: "Today on where’s the gecko: here’s Ego hiding in his leaves. 12/10 great hider."

Zoe replied: "Ego looks so grumpy, I love him."

Another viewer wrote:"They hide so well among all the clutter… super cute."

If you managed to find little Ego quickly, how about this challenge – an astronomically-tricky puzzle to find the flying saucer in less than 30 seconds.

Or, how about this nautically-themed puzzle, where the task is to find a hidden pelican within ten seconds.

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