Aēsop Completes Its “Othertopias” Fragrance Collection With “Ouranon”

Following the release of “Gloam,” Aēsop now welcomes “Ouranon” into its “Othertopias”  Eau De Parfums collection.

As the closing chapter of Aēsop’s “Othertopias” story, “Ouranon” symbolizes a celebration of endings that also marks the first touches for new beginnings. Blending woody notes with resinous and spicy touches, the fragrance boasts a rich, earthy scent that evokes a wonderous mood of embers unfurling into a starry sky.

Starting off strong, “Ouranon” opens with a petitgrain citrus layer, paired with vibrant elemi spice notes and a whiff of lavender. As the initial notes react with the wearer’s skin and body temperature, the scent reveals whiffs of warm aromatics powered by chamomile, hay, and frankincense. As the fragrance settles in, what lingers on is the enduring earthiness deriving from patchouli and Tonka.

Aesop’s long-term fragrance collaborator, Barnabé Fillion notes that transcendence is a central theme to “Ouranon,” and like its previous chapter, “embodies the state where thoughts turn inwards as the outside world recedes.”

The “Othertopias” collection comprises a total of six fragrances: “Miraceti,” “Karst,” “Erémia,” “Eidesis,” “Gloam,” and “Ouranon.” Priced at $195 USD, “Ouranon” will soon be arriving in-store and online at Aēsop.

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