You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the frog in the forest in five seconds in this optical illusion | The Sun

YOU have to have 20/20 vision if you can spot the frog in the forest in less than five seconds.

Can you figure out this mind-boggling optical illusion?

The confusing image was shared by Pipa News, and has challenged even those with the best eye-sight to carefully inspect the snap to find the reptile.

It's almost impossible to see it in under five seconds.

If you're struggling, cast your eyes toward the far right side of the image.

After scanning up and down for a few seconds, you might be able to see the relaxed creature enjoying its day in the forest.

Did you spot it?

If not, scroll down to the bottom to reveal the frog.

Optical illusions are popular on social media.

One TikTok user posted another confusing optical illusion, creating a small viral moment with users trying to spot a hidden animal in the fastest time possible.

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Scott Whatley (@scottwhatleyhunting) told his followers: "Believe it or not, there is a small, yearling deer in this video.”

The hunter said he had shown it to many of his friends, who lied and said they could spot the deer as a matter of ego.

"I've shown it to a couple of different hunters and they all say they see it long before they do, out of pride," he joked.

“They end up seeing it, real hunters will see it, but usually not until the very end," Scott continued.

Another TikTok user posted a confusing optical illusion of her cat.

The cat is hidden in a garbage bin and jumps out to reveal itself.

The most confusing factor is that the garbage can behind it is black, making it seem as if it is a duplicate.

A number of people commented on the confusing video.

"I did not realize until the cat got out," one person said.

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"Damn I thought that there were two [garbage cans] of the same color, but nope one is a cat," another person wrote.

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