I’m plus-size and I ordered a whopping haul from PLT but it was a total fail – I look like a footballer in the crop top | The Sun

A PLUS size fashion fan has shared a Pretty Little Thing haul and it’s safe to say absolutely everything was a disaster. 

Claiming the haul was so terrible, the fashion fan described it as “Literally the worst online order experience”.

Hillary Star shared her haul in a TikTok video online. She admitted this was the first time she had ever ordered from the online store and things weren’t off to a good start as the shipping was slow. 

She said: “I ordered from Pretty Little Thing for the first time and I just got my order today.” 

“Shipping took way too long so I even forget what I ordered,” she added. 

Hillary went for a comfy range of clothes for her haul starting of with some grey biker shorts. 

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The fashion fan said: “So the first thing that I ordered were these biker shorts but I think I got them too big because….” 

The shorts looked huge on Hillary.

She confessed: “Not gonna lie though they are very comfy – I could definitely use these to wear around the house.” 

Unfortunately she had the same issue with the pair of grey leggings she ordered. 

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She said: “I don't know if it was just a bad day when I ordered stuff but what is this? What size did I get?”

“Again these are pretty comfortable – I can clean very well on the floor,” she added. 


Hilary liked the printed black shirt she ordered. 

She said: “Okay, you see this shirt I like. It's extra large and fits very nice. I know I’m from New York but I got to represent somehow.”

But things took a turn for the worst when she tried on her halterneck orange crop top. 

She said: “I don't know what kind of confidence went through my mind when I decided to get a halter top crop shirt.” 

“I kind of hate it, my arms are huge, my shoulders are humongous, I'm built like a quarterback  – I cannot wear this,” she claimed. 

Hillary didn't even bother trying on the same top in pink. 

She said: “I also got it in pink but I’m not gonna try it on because I already know what it’s gonna look like.” 

The denim shorts she ordered were also too big.

“So I wanted to get shorts to resemble a 90’s feel to it – I’m not getting a 90’s feel I’m just getting a … I’m hanging pretty long.”

Everything seems to be peachy with the jewellery Hillary bought. 

She said: “I also got jewellery. The first thing I got was this choker double necklace. I like it, it's pretty cute. I got these earrings to fulfil my vintage fantasy.”

But then she noticed something strange about the black printed shirt she ordered.

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She said: “Are these holes? This shirt has a hole in it. What the hell?”

Hilary furiously declares: “I’m returning everything except for the jewellery.”

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