Woman shares three things people never knew you can freeze – and others reckon meal times are about to get loads easier | The Sun

A WOMAN has been praised for making mealtimes a whole lot easier after revealing three foods that can be frozen.

She took to The Spruce TikTok page to share a video detailing the foods that you might not have realised could be stored in the freezer.

"Three foods you should be freezing," she said, beginning with flour.

"Storing flour in the freezer prevents it from getting buggy," she explained.

"Flour stays powdery when frozen, so there’s no need to thaw it before use."

Next up is rice.

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"Rice only lasts six months in the pantry but it never goes bad in the freezer," she said.

And as an added bonus, you don't even need to defrost it before use.

"Just measure and add to boiling water," she explained.

The last thing on the list is nuts.

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These will only last for around three months if they're kept at room temperature, due to the oil they contain.

"Storing in the freezer ups their lifespan to 1+ year," she added.

"Keep these three common foods in your freezer to help preserve them for longer," she added in the caption.

"It's a great food storage hack if you don't use these ingredients often when cooking!"

"Wow I’m surprised by all of them," one person commented on the video.

"Didn’t know that, thank you!" another added.

"WOW awesome Thank you," a third commented.

"I’ve always put my flour in the freezer for about a week," someone else wrote.

"Then I keep it on a shelf in an airtight container. Has worked for decades."

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