Woman reveals how to make your own toilet foam & cleaning fans can't get enough

A CLEANING fanatic has revealed how to make your own toilet foam – and fellow enthusiasts can’t get enough of it.

TikTok user Clean Queen shared her tip on her account where it has since received almost 15,000 views.

She begins by covering the surrounds of her toilet with a pink coloured bleach.

Captioning the video, she writes: “OK, I’m going to tell you how to make your own toilet foam.

“Add some bicarb crystals and white vinegar, watch it foam.”

But as the toilet slowly fills with more and more bubbles, the Clean Queen admits she may have gone a bit far.

“OK you can stop rising now!” she says, before adding, “It’s like pink fluffy soup I love love.”

She ends the video by flushing her toilet, seeing all the pink bleach drain away and leaving her with a pale pink foam at the bottom of her toilet.

Viewers were thrilled by the idea, thanking Clean Queen for the tip in the comments.

One wrote: “Your toilet cleans ARE the best.”

“Wowzzz,” wrote another, with a third agreeing, “My fav so far!”

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