Woman buys stunning purple dress but is left in stitches when she can only fit one boob in it

A WOMAN was left in stitches when she tried on her brand new dress only to discover she could only fit one boob in it.

TikTok user, symxsha, shared the video to her account where it has been viewed over ten million times.

The 20-year-old had bought a stunning flowy, lilac dress and tried it on her in room.

But when she realised she couldn't fit both of her boobs into the top of the dress, she found the funny side and quickly turned on the camera.

She said, whilst trying to hold back laughing: "Can we petition for dresses to have more boob space, PLEASE."

Whilst she shows users her dress, she can't control her laughter as one of her boobs gets squeezed to her side as the top of the dress is so small.

She turns the camera off and readjusts herself so that both of them are in the top of the dress, however it does not look much better.

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As she squeezes both in, the top of the dress completely loses its shape and her boobs are both squished up to her neck.

As she tries to explain that she managed to get both in, she begins hysterically laughing again at how bad it looks.

Users on the app were left super confused at first, one wrote: "I WAS LIKE "WHERE IS THE OTHER ONE???" AND THEN I SAW IT."

Another user exclaimed: "I THOUGHT IT WAS A HERNIA."

"Even they are social distancing." Said a third user.

But many women under the comments could relate to her frustration and spoke about how difficult it was to find dresses with enough boob space.

"This was a bit too relatable, please, dresses with more bust space without sizing up!" Commented one woman.

Another added: "My reality in WAY too many changing rooms."

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