This Skin-Friendly Face Mask Is Officially Supermodel-Approved

Gigi Hadid's face mask game is on point. Period.

The supermodel has been taking to the streets of NYC in full-blown 'fits that a simple "wow" don't do justice to. From oversized plaid coats to shearling-lined bucket hats to lugged-sole shoes, each look has a complementary face mask. And while she's been playing favorites with one style from Masqd, she recently stepped out in a new one: Discover Night's silk face mask, which you've definitely seen around Hollywood before. 

That's because Adele wore the sumptuous face mask on "SNL" and Priaynka Chopra and Nina Dobrev both shared pictures of themselves wearing it on their respective Instagrams. Hadid is just the latest celeb to wear a silk face mask — and we can guess why she's on board. 

100% Silk Non-Medical Face Mask + (7) Disposable Filters

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Put simply, silk has beauty benefits. Just like how sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help with hair breakage and stave off wrinkles, wearing a silk face mask can prevent maskne. The onset of maskne is now a more common skin frustration around the world thanks to the pandemic, but luckily, a few solutions have surfaced to help combat those bumps around the chin. Wearing a silk face mask is one great option. 

That's because "silk is known to possess antibacterial and antimicrobial properties inherently as it is naturally hypoallergenic," according to Discover Night. What's more, silk is incredibly soft on your skin, and because friction and irritation between cloth and your skin barrier is another leading cause of maskne, opting for a gentle fabric is a no-brainer.

Aside from its beauty benefits, the Discover Night face mask has many practical features that are maybe less sexy but nonetheless very important, like an adjustable nose wire for a secure fit, adjustable ear loops, and a filter pocket for added protection.

Disposable Filters

Shop now: $55;

Regular people love Discover Night's face masks, too."Wow, such great face masks! They are well made, [I] washed them multiple times without any issues, but the thing I love the most is how they don't soak up my expensive face products," wrote one customer on its site. "I was having such a hard time with regular cotton and disposable face masks drying my face immediately when putting them on. These are so soft, and keep my skin hydrated. Plus they are beautiful!"

Everyone should have at least one silk face mask in their rotation. Shop the Discover Night silk face mask to see why celebrities wear it.

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