These are the baby names which are most likely to land your child a top career – is your tot on the list?

PICKING your child's name can be agony.

But, did you know, the name you choose could also help them land a top job?

Preply found out what names were working in which industries.

People with the most popular boys name of last year, Oliver, were likely to be working in IT, with it being the most popular career choice for people with that name.


People called George are most likely to work in construction, while people called Arthur – the third most popular boys name – are likely to work in IT.

IT seems a popular vocation as Leos, Harrys, Charlies, Freddies, and Theodores all had it as their most popular job.

We better be seeing Harry Styles coming to check our broadband soon then.

Perhaps even Leo DiCaprio could fit in as an office IT guy.

Top jobs for boys named…

Oliver – Information Technology

George – Construction

Arthur – Information Technology

Noah – Retail

Leo – Information Technology

As for girls names, Olivia was No.1 and those called Olivia were most likely to be working in health and fitness or retail.

The names Amelia, Emily, Lily, Evie, Elsie, Charlotte, Rosie, Sophie, Phoebe and Ella also have health and fitness as the top career.

Isla came in as the third most popular name of 2020, with women with that name most likely to work in retail.

Ivys and Florences were most likely to work in accounting.

Top jobs for girls named…

Olivia – Health and Fitness

Amelia – Health and Fitness

Isla – Retail

Mia – Hospitality

Ivy – Accounting

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