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HAVING a job you love is one of the most important parts of adult life. 

Whether you’re a lawyer or a lorry driver, a midwife or a barista, being happy in your career is vital. 

We all know when we’ve found the right job – you get on with your colleagues, you enjoy your work and your mental health is feeling the benefit. 

That’s the case for one chuffed young lady who bagged a job at her local Tesco superstore.

Abby Morgan got a job at Tesco after leaving school, and it looks like she’s made plenty of friends in the process. 

The TikTok user has posted numerous videos about the fun she has during break time, and one particular clip has been watched by an impressive 1.4million people.

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Dressed in the signature Tesco uniform – an electric blue fleece with bright red zip – Abby dances to the camera while revealing some of her favourite things about working at the superstore. 

Abby’s straight blonde hair is tied neatly behind her as she bops along to music. 

“The best things about working at Tesco,” the text reads over the clip.

Crates and trolleys are stacked up behind Abby as she shows off her funky moves in what appears to be the stockroom. 

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Abby’s first perk is ‘Having a meal deal on your break’. 

It’s a budget-safe £3.40 for Clubcard users to enjoy a sarnie, drink and snack – but it sounds like Abby gets it for free. 

The second perk is all the reduced items she can get her hands on. 

Us shoppers can bag a bargain at certain times, but the staff will always know exactly when to hit the yellow label shelf.

Then there’s the colleague discount, so Abby can save money on her own weekly shop. 

Plus, who can forget the F&F clothing range, full of fabulous styles for the chilly season ahead.

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But there’s one perk that pips them all, and that’s the colleague shop. 

Abby’s followers were flummoxed by the colleague shop, and wanted to know more about this mysterious highlight.

One helpful user replied: “Basically at the end of day if reduced items aren’t sold they will be scanned off under ‘colleague shop’.”

But the revelation has divided TikTok users. While some are now keen to work at Tesco for the epic perk, others feel it’s unfair and the stores are taking the perks away from their customers. 

A second user said: “So that's where all the good reduced stuff goes.”

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And another commented: “No wonder they hide the steaks at the back and put the sandwiches and the rubbish stuff at the front.”

“Anyone know which Tesco this is?” asked a keen follower as others agreed they wanted to get their hands on a bargain.

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