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FROM the outside using a Scrub Daddy sponge is assumed to be pretty simple – pop it in hot water with a bit of soap and you’re good to go. 

But now one savvy cleaner has shared how we should really be using Mrs Hinch’s favourite kitchen aid. 

Maddy, known online as @maddykate01, regularly shares home hacks with her 110,000 followers. 

In one of her recent videos, the savvy cleaner reveals some secrets about the viral Scrub Daddy sponge – a favourite amongst cleanfluencers like Mrs Hinch. 

“Everyone needs to see these Scrub Daddy hacks. 

“I recently found out that the smile was designed to clean spoons and spatulas, and if you hold it like a bowling ball, you’ll get a good grip to clean the inside of jars and pots. 


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“The material also actually changes texture, so hot water softens the sponge for light cleaning, and cold water hardens it for tough scrubbing. 

“They’re such good sponges and hopefully now they’ll be even more effective.”  

Fans loved the hacks, with the video gaining more than 11,000 likes and 395,000 views. 

In the comments, Maddy’s followers shared their own hacks, with one writing: “And they are top-rack dishwasher safe.” 

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Although not all were convinced, with one adding: “These are literally the key selling points of the product they're on the box if you didn't know them did you just pay silly money for a sponge for fun.” 

Others asked their own questions, with @46692 commenting: “How many times can you use them before they need replacing?” 

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Maddy replied: “Good question!! The website says 2-8 weeks, but we have had this one since May and used it for around 3 months during that time, so it’s probably due.” 

On the Scrub Daddy website, they confirm Maddy’s hacks: “You control your scrubbing power. Scrub Daddy is soft, compressible, and more absorbent in warm water. 

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“In cold water, he’s firm and can remove stubborn debris without the need for added harsh chemicals.

“The smile serves a purpose. Yes, he’s cute but there’s another reason he’s so happy to see you. Quickly clean both sides of serving spoons and utensils in one motion.”

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