Rare photo of Meghan Markle pregnant 'with Lilibet' reveals Netflix documentary has been filmed for months | The Sun

A RARE image of pregnant Meghan Markle has shown her Netflix documentary with Prince Harry was being filmed for months.

The Duchess of Sussex was filmed with her baby bump, thought to be Lilibet, at home walking over to a table where her husband is sat.

Prince Harry leans his head into his hands as she puts her Macbook down and a voiceover says: "It's about hatred. It's about race."

A preview clip of an interview with Prince Harry then shows him saying: "It's a dirty game."

He also slammed the hierarchy within the Royal Family in the new trailer released today for their six-part series Meghan and Harry.

A tearful Meghan also sobbed: "They're never going to protect you."

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It is unclear when filming for the documentary ended. Lilibet was born in June last year meaning it was likely ongoing for several months at least.

Prince Harry and Meghan's first and only other child Archie was born in May 2019, when the couple were still working members of the Royal Family.

It was also 16 months before they signed their deal with streaming giant Neflix in September 2020, so it is likely the Duchess is pregnant with one-year-old Lilibet in the clip.

Last month a serialisation of an upcoming book claimed the Royal Family found it bewildering and presumptuous when the couple named their daughter.

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But the Queen said the name was “very pretty and seems just right”, biographer Gyles Brandreth suggested. 

Lilibet was Her late Majesty’s very personal pet name, which only very few people outside her immediate family used for her throughout her life. 

Meanwhile, a chilling reference to Princess Diana was also included in the Sussexes' new Netflix series.

In echoes of her death in a car crash in 1997 while fleeing the paparazzi, a show out the back window of a car shows another vehicle following it.

Meghan's voiceover stated: "I realised 'they're never going to protect you'."

Prince Harry then said: "I was terrified. I didn't want history to repeat itself."

The trailer also features a direct shot of Lady Di, while the Prince spoke about the "pain and suffering of women" marrying into the Royal Family.

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