Queen Elizabeth health news – Prince William 'fast becoming Her Maj's rock and counts on him more and more'

PRINCE William's relationship with the Queen has grown stronger as he helped Her Majesty navigate The Firm through a period of turbulence.

William visited the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Queen to pass on her condolences following the death of the country’s ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

As such, Royal expert Robert Jobson said William’s relationship with his grandmother has “improved” as their views have become “more aligned”.

Writing for the Evening Standard, Mr Jobson said: “She [the Queen] has helped, too, to guide William through his formative years and has proved a great role model for the future king.

“Since Philip’s passing, the Queen has turned to Charles and William more and more.

“Indeed, both helped her navigate their way through the Harry debacle, as well as Prince Andrew’s removal from public life following the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.”

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    William & Kate win UK’s ‘love’ with ‘unprecedented’ move

    Prince William’s “authentic” actions which defied royal protocol earlier this week have “cemented the nation’s affection” towards him and Kate Middleton, according to a body language expert.

    The Duke of Cambridge broke protocol during an engagement in Scotland, and was photographed hugging 66-year-old William Burns.

    According to body language expert Darren Stanton, a similar move represented a “real authentic connection” between the royal and Mr Burns.

    Speaking to Goodto.com, the expert also said: “You can see the sincerity in William’s face as he engulfed his arms around the man, with the prince not fazed about being in such close proximity.”

    Mr Stanton added the move gives an indication of the type of ruler William will become when he ascends the throne.

    He said: “The hug demonstrates that William and Kate do truly care about people and do not take their privileged position for granted.”

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    The Royal family’s favourite games you can play during the Jubilee

    With the Jubilee celebrations in full swing, the team at SudokuCraze can reveal the Royal family’s favourite games to play in their spare time, from Charades to table tennis:

    • The Queen – It has been widely reported that Queen Elizabeth II is incredibly fond ‘The Name Game’ in which players must write the names of famous people or characters on a post-it note to place on another players forehead.
    • William & Kate – During an interview with Radio Marsden, Prince William revealed that there are two popular board games in the Cambridge household – Monopoly and Risk.
    • Meghan Markle – Meghan Markle is apparently highly talented at Charades as a result of her acting skills.
    • Prince Harry – Prince Harry has had a famous love for polo from a young age. 
    • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – Whilst the royals all partake in different sports and games during engagements, the Duchess of Cornwall has been known to try her hand at table tennis and ping pong on numerous occasions

    Theresa May’s ex-adviser warns Charles is ‘in danger of becoming too political’

    Theresa May’s former adviser, Nick Timothy, wrote in the Telegraph: “As we contemplate that change, the spectre of politics haunts the monarchy.

    “For expectations are changing. Where once members of the Royal Family could remain reserved, distant, even aloof, today they are expected to emote and opine.

    “Just as businesses, charities and other institutions are pressured to comment on just about everything, and bring about social change through adherence to disputed political beliefs and theories, so will the monarchy.

    “And regardless of public pressure, some royals will want to do so.”

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      Philip’s fury at Sussexes over Megxit demands

      The Sussexes choices and demands around Megxit led Prince Philip to exclaim, “What the hell are they playing at?”, a royal author has claimed.

      Royal expert and author, Andrew Morton, has said that Prince Phillip was not pleased when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that they would be stepping back from royal duties.

      Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Morton claimed: “In 2019, Harry told the Queen that he and Meghan wanted to step back as senior royals, raise funds privately and yet still serve the monarchy — albeit in a limited capacity.

      “The Queen’s initial reaction was that it was almost impossible to be half in and half out of the Royal Family; it was akin to being ‘slightly’ pregnant.

      “Later, Prince Philip’s indignant response to the couple’s declaration of independence was: ‘What the hell are they playing at?’”

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