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HE'S a staple of virtually every Home Bargains store.

But have you ever looked at the policeman sticker on the front window of the shop and wondered what its purpose is?

Well, one confused shopper did, and took to Reddit to ask if anyone knew what the sticker was for.

"Still not knowing why every Home Bargains shop has a police officer stuck onto the door," he wrote.

People quickly flooded him with answers, with one writing: "They’re supposed to deter crime."

"The thing is he looks like the least threatening police officer ever. I'm not sure how effective he would be as a deterrent," another mused.

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"I call him officer ignorance!" a third joked.

"Hasn't told me off for it yet so I think in in the clear."

But others insisted that the stickers have actually been proven to be a crime deterrent.

"These are surprising effective. And I'm not joking," one wrote.

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As another added: "Would it amuse you to know these actually have a deterrent effect and measurably reduce shoplifting after installation?

"Because they do and personally I love it."

Next to the policeman is usually a notice which reads: "Welcome to Home Bargains.

"We work closely with the local police to prevent crime and ensure the safety of our customers and staff."

Meanwhile, there were a fair few people who had been caught out by the policeman sticker – thinking it was a real person.

"I always think the person is real when I see these haha," one wrote.

As another added: "I hate winter purely for the reason that when I'm going to the gym at 4:30am and it's pitch dark the single street lamp lights this guy up and gives me a jump every time."

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