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PARIS Fury has hit back at the stereotype that all traveller women excel at is cooking and cleaning. 

In an exclusive interview with Fabulous, Paris, 33, said she was proud to be from a strong line of ladies who taught her many more invaluable lessons that she still follows to this day.

In the eye-opening chat, out this Sunday, mum-of-seven Paris tells us: “I’ve come from a strong line of women, and we didn’t just learn how to cook and clean.

“My mum taught me how to drive, she taught me how to use the bank, do businesses, get into college.

“She told me, ‘you can do this’ and she helped me out trying to do homework, paperwork, and job interviews – all this stuff came from the wisdom of an older woman.” 

Paris, who is married to boxing champion Tyson Fury, continues that it wasn’t just her mum who paved the way for her.

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She also credits her gran, who she says “was a strong woman”, with setting the precedent. And Paris writes about both of her family’s matriarch’s touchingly in her book, How Does She Do It?

She tells us: “It got passed down through the generations, so it wasn’t just about cooking and cleaning. 

“I think travellers have this stereotype that all the women know is how to clean, and I really want to push this in the book – I hope it comes through. 

“I wasn’t just taught how to shine silver or polish dishes, I was taught how to run a home, a business and be a strong, independent woman.” 

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Picking up on one particular mantra her mum drilled into her, Paris went on to say: “I found it very empowering when she would say, ‘you can be anything – nobody is better than you, nobody is worse.’ 

“I believe that still to this day – there’s nobody below me but there is no one above, I feel that we all stand on a level playing field.”

And that’s exactly why down-to-earth Paris is determined to teach not only her daughters, but also her sons, the importance of helping out at home.

Paris, who is mum to Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, 11, Prince Tyson II, seven, Valencia, five, Prince Adonis, four, two-year-old Athena as well her baby son, explains: “They’ve got to take responsibility for themselves.

Travellers have this stereotype that all the women know is how to clean,

“Tyson was basically living on his own from fourteen. He was constantly in and out of training facilities, going to Sheffield training camps, and he has full independence – he can cook, he can wash, whatever needs to be done.”

She added: “I want my boys to know all that and be able to do that.” 

The At Home With The Furys star, who has previously hit back at claims she has a secret nanny and revealed she and her family do everything themselves, adds: “Having a big family, I like to get the kids involved.

“I like Prince to help unload the dishwasher, pick up the toys and the mess, and get the little kids to pack away the lego.

“And I get Venezuela to clean up her room and make beds. I think it all is part of normal life.”

I was taught how to run a home, a business and be a strong, independent woman

And it’s clear it’s important to the Loose Women star to continue to pass down what her mum and gran taught her.

She concludes: “If the cleaner comes in and changes the beds and makes it a hotel, the kids will then have to go into the real world.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it! I saw an interview about Oprah Winfrey and she apparently has her bedroom changed everyday, like a hotel style cleaning. I think that would be lovely, but then what am I going to teach the kids? 

“How can I do that to them, and say, ‘yeah you don’t need to scrape your plates, you don’t need to clean your dishes, and you don’t need to sweep the floor – and then they’ll have to go to the real world and learn it all the hard way.”

Read Kelly Allen's full interview with Paris in Fabulous, out this Sunday in The Sun On Sunday.


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How Does She Do It? The Kids, Tyson & Me By Paris Fury is published by Hodder & Stoughton on 28th September 2023, £22

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