Only those with 20/20 vision can spot the word spelt incorrectly in less than 15 seconds, can you? | The Sun

IS YOUR eyesight really as good as you think?

A brainteaser is challenging you to spot the word spelt in correctly in less than 15 seconds to prove you have 20/20 vision.

The busy image is made 3even more tricky as the word view is written over and over again.

But among the correctly spelt word, there is one that isn't.

According to contact lens retailer, Lenstore, one in five admitted defeat and gave up before solving the tricky puzzle. 

So, can you spot it in the 15 second timeframe and prove your vision is immaculate?


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The longer you look through the brainteaser, the more confusing the puzzle gets, so it's best to quickly scan through it.

But don’t panic if you are struggling to find the imposter word. 

A clue is to check out the right-hand side of the puzzle.

So did you get it in under 15 seconds or are you still wondering where it is?

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To make things easier, here's another clue – pay close attention to the 11th row of the image.

For those still struggling, we've circled the answer below for you to check out.

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