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HAVE you ever put on an outfit that you love – only to look down and see it’s gaping around the chest?

The common problem has plagued fashion fans for years, as wrap around dresses or button up shirts leave gaps in the fabric in the bust area. 

And while safety pins or a stitch can often sort the job, it’s not always the quickest way to get it sorted.

So now a social media user has shared how she’s recently discovered a bargain buy and hack that puts a stop to this once and for all. 

Elnaz Hamai said she was so fed up with the gaping material that she scoured the web for a solution.

And when she came across a gadget that can be bought for as little as £7.95 from eBay – but is also available from the likes of Amazon – she knew she was onto a winner. 

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In a video posted to her TikTok account @elnazhamai said she had found the “best fashion hack.”

She then showed how the bright blue wrap around patterned dress she was wearing kept coming apart at the top. 

But she said that’s where her new buy – a gadget called the Micro Stitch – comes in.

The product is described as “the smallest tack and smallest needle available” and promises to be more effective than glue or pins.

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Holding it up for her 175k social media followers to see, Elnaz showed how the green contraption is used after being filled with tiny, fine ‘needles’. 

Elnaz then simply used the gun-like gadget to secure the two pieces of gaping fabric.

In one simple click, the needle went into the material and creatstrong staple like hold that was impossible to see and doesn’t ruin the fabric.

Speaking about what she called “the best thing ever”, Elnaz explained: “The material is the same as when you buy a new outfit that has a tag with it.

“That plastic thing – so no it won’t ruin the fabric.”

And her TikTok followers couldn’t believe their eyes, as they rushed to buy the gadget they said was genius.

One person wrote: “I’m buying this immediately.”

A second was in agreement as they typed: “The way I bought this so quick.”

Another person added: “Nah, I need this ASAP.”

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As a fourth was another big fan, as they said: “I definitely need one. It’s awesome.”

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