Nurses Love Dansko’s Best-Selling Clogs So Much, They Won’t Wear Any Other Shoe for a 12-Hour Shift

Ask anyone who's on their feet all day: Comfortable shoes are a must. A good comfortable shoe provides stability, cushion, support, and ideally, a bit of style. Fewer people are on their feet more than nurses, and hundreds of them who shop on Amazon "swear" that the Dansko Professional Clogs are "an absolute dream to wear."

Dansko is best known for these iconic clogs that have cushioned padding, a wide toe box, and good shock absorption. Many shoppers who work in the medical field say they heard about the clogs from their colleagues, and they can now report themselves that they're "ultra comfortable for the life of a floor nurse" who works 12-hour shifts.

Buy It! Dansko Professional Clogs, $82.91–$249.09;

The "RN-approved" clogs are made with soft leather that's easy to break in. Its spacious toe box gives your feet enough room to spread out and prevent tightness or friction. The clogs come in wide and narrow sizes and feature a contoured midsole and a comfortable leather sock lining that provides arch support for conditions like plantar fasciitis and flat feet. The polyurethane (PU) frame on the inside and the heel counter backing offer stability, and the PU outsole has a "rocker bottom," which is designed to absorb shock with every step.

These supportive components make the shoe the perfect solution for tired feet, according to shoppers, one of whom says they "honestly cannot work without wearing [their] Danskos." It has even earned a spot on an Amazon best-seller list, over 9,500 five-star ratings, and the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Buy It! Dansko Professional Clogs, $82.91–$249.09;

The clogs are ideal for anyone who spends hours on their feet, not just nurses. Grocery store employees, wedding photographers, and hairdressers also gave the clogs a perfect five-star rating. Bonus: They come in over 50 colors. 

"I have been wearing Danskos for almost 10 years now… These are the only shoes I will wear to work," writes one Amazon shopper. "At the end of a long day with patients, my feet don't hurt at all, not like they would when I would wear tennis shoes that were just as expensive."

Buy It! Dansko Professional Clogs, $82.91–$249.09;

"I swear by Dansko," writes another. "They are so comfortable, great back support. I don't have any pain issues but feel a noticeable pressure relief and alignment of my spine and hips as soon as I put them on. I have another pair I wear around the house because they're so comfortable… I haven't found a better option when they're on your feet for 15 hours."

Whether you stand at work or are always on the run, these nurse-approved clogs will give you the comfort you've been searching for.

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