Nail tech shares video of woman about to have her acrylic toenails redone – and everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

A NAIL tech sparked a massive response after sharing a video of her customer ahead of having her acrylic toenails redone.

Cristina revealed her client had first had the acrylics applied on 4th August, and had returned to have them infilled on 8th November – a difference of 13 weeks and five days.

"Do your acrylic toes last this long?" the Houston, Texas tech captioned her video on TikTok.

In the clip, the woman showed how much her toenails had grown in that period.

And the majority of the French manicure-style nails had ended up halfway down her natural nails beneath.

The comments section was quickly flooded by people weighing in, with many making the same remark about the nails.

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"How is she wearing shoes?" one wrote.

As another added: "I mean that’s good but for weeks that girl couldn’t wear no closed toed shoes."

"I’m a size 3. No ma'am you need a size 7 shoe," a third commented.

"They must have hurt in shoes. If mine are a little too long it’s so painful," someone else remarked.

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While another wrote: "I wanna know what shoes she was wearing?!?

"Because I can’t even handle my toe nail growing too long."

"She wore flip flops all year long," someone else laughed.

Others insisted they could only go a few weeks before having their toenails redone.

"Omg I can’t even go 3 weeks the max," one wrote.

"I get mines done every 2 weeks," another added.

"I would never know because I ain’t waiting 13 weeks for I do my toes!" a third commented.

But someone else admitted: "Yup!

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"My semipermanent toes last from august to december.

"I just cut them down every 2 weeks!"

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