My pregnant sister & I shared our favourite names… she gave birth first & STOLE mine, everyone says she's a d***

WHEN it comes to choosing children's names, many people settle on the perfect moniker years before even thinking about starting a family.

So what would you do if you told your sister your dream baby boy's name, and then she used it for her own son?

That's exactly what happened to one woman, who took to Mumsnet to explain her anger over the situation.

"I told my sister a few months back that I really liked the name Judah for a boy," the user, Captainchaos8, wrote.

"We were both expecting boys but she was dead set on calling her baby boy River so I thought I was on safe ground telling her my choice."

But instead of going for River for her newborn son's name, the woman's sister left hospital after giving birth and announced "out of the blue" that she'd called her baby boy Jude.

"I am completely gobsmacked and quite upset to be honest," the woman continued, adding that she's "not prepared to cause a massive fuss and a fall out over a name".

She's now left in a difficult situation of deciding whether or not to go ahead with her original intention of calling her son Judah – even though his cousin is called Jude – or whether she should choose a completely different name.

"Or do you all think I should just bow out graciously and go with my second choice which is Josiah or my hubby's first choice which is Theodore/Theo/Teddy?" she asked.

The overwhelming response to the post was that the sister was in the wrong, with one person writing: "Your sister is a t**t. I'd find it very hard not to sing 'Hey Jude' to her every time we speak from now on, just to p**s her off (I think at least for a year)."

"I'd stick with Judah if it is your absolute favourite, though the alternatives you mention are nice names," another person wrote.

"And if your sister has assumed you'd bottle and go for something else you shouldn't give her the satisfaction! Some members of our extended family have duplicate names all over the place and no one seems bothered."

And a third commented: "She was really mean to do that. But being honest I prefer Theo or Josiah. Lovely names."

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